North Star accountability system results will be available in August


Results from the North Star accountability system will be released in August. The major dates for release are:

  • Monday, August 26 — Embargoed release of the public North Star file to districts.
  • Noon Wednesday, August 28 — Embargoed release of the public North Star file to the press.
  • Noon Thursday, August 29 — Public release, including updated data on the Minnesota Report Card, and general availability of the public North Star file.

As of noon on Wednesday, August 7, district and school staff with secure reports access were be able to see data for the North Star accountability system.

In the Accountability Secure Reports section of secure reports, users can access the North Star Report on the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) website (log-in required).

This report provides information about school and district performance on each indicator in the North Star system.

Users can also download secure rosters for:

  • academic achievement and progress;
  • progress toward English language proficiency;
  • and consistent attendance (secure rosters for graduation have been available since the spring).

Direct questions to Michael Diedrich at 651-582-8332 or

Source: Minnesota Department of Education

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