Snow Days Relief Conference Committee Report Complete

The conference committee report for SF 1743 (snow day relief bill) has been posted.
In summary, those school districts who need the extra days may count days needed with some caveats.
  • The board of a school district or charter school that canceled school on one or more days during the 2018-2019 school year due to health and safety concerns may count those days as instructional days for purposes of calculating the number of hours and days in the school year.
  • If a school district would not have met the required minimum number of days and hours of instruction for students, it must report to the commissioner of education the number of days and hours that the district counted to meet the required days and hours of instruction. A district is also encouraged to adopt an e-learning plan.
  • If a school board resolves to count a day that school was canceled as an instructional day, the school district must compensate employees and contract employers by paying them or allowing them to work another day the school designates.
  • The minimum number of days of teacher service that a probationary teacher must complete equals the difference between 120 days and the number of scheduled instructional days that were canceled due to health and safety concerns and that the school board resolved to count as days of instruction.

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