NSBA launches Cyber Secure Schools resource

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The National School Boards Association (NSBA) recently announced the launch of its Cyber Secure Schools initiative at https://www.nsba.org/cyber. This webpage is a key source of information, tools, and resources, to help districts and schools enhance the security of their networks and data systems, and reduce cyber-vulnerabilities.

“Technology continues to change rapidly and with those changes comes emerging and significant cyber-threats,” said Thomas J. Gentzel, NSBA’s Executive Director and CEO. “Today’s school leaders must be able to familiarize themselves with the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape and take proactive steps to secure sensitive student and staff data and district operations.”

School districts often utilize a variety of technology tools including “free” file-sharing or cloud storage websites, or personal email accounts; all of which can make them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Potential risks increase even further when an individual uses personal or multiple devices to access school networks or online forums where student data and other confidential or sensitive information may be housed or posted.

The informative articles, survey data, tools and promising practices available at Cyber Secure Schools (https://www.nsba.org/cyber) will aid districts and schools in identifying threats and recognizing vulnerabilities in their cyber-security policies and practices so that they can make better informed, forward leaning decisions and reduce the likelihood of a hack or cyber-breach.

Visit https://www.nsba.org/newsroom/nsba-launches-cyber-secure-schools-initiative to read NSBA’s full announcement.

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