Broadband Task Force recommends more funding for broadband grant program


The Governor’s Task Force on Broadband recently released its 2017 Annual Report.

The report highlighted the work of the Broadband Task Force and included policy recommendations for the governor and Legislature.

The task force has studied issues related to broadband affordability, adoption and accessibility, and has made recommendations to remove barriers to broadband deployment and modernize Minnesota’s telecommunications regulatory framework.

MSBA staff member Denise Dittrich is a member of the Broadband Task Force. “It has been an honor to serve on this task force,” Dittrich said.

This report contains two recommendations to Gov. Mark Dayton and the Legislature:

  • Provide $71.48 million in ongoing biennial funding for the Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant Program, until the state achieves its broadband speed goals.
  • Provide the Office of Broadband Development with $500,000 in ongoing biennial funding and maintain the existing partnership with the Minnesota Department of Commerce, until the state achieves its broadband speed goals.

Visit to view the report.

“This is the task force’s last report to Gov. Dayton,” Dittrich said. “It will be up to the next governor on whether or not to continue the work of the Broadband Task Force.”

Visit to learn more about the Broadband Task Force.

See to view a press release.

Direct questions about the Broadband Task Force to Denise Dittrich at

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