Session Daily: Legislature to move forward with budget bills — without governor’s agreement


Flanked by other Republican leaders, House Speaker Kurt Daudt speaks to the media about a new series of budget bills that will be considered before the constitutional end of session Monday. Photo by Paul Battaglia, Session Daily

Source: Session Daily

By Ricky Campbell

The Legislature will move ahead with passing renewed budget bills, Republican leaders announced Friday, hoping to wade through the arduous task of assembling conference committees, approving reports, negotiating with the administration and passing finalized legislation before the constitutionally mandated deadline of midnight on Monday.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka released new spending targets they called “real compromise” positions with Gov. Mark Dayton — numbers the governor hasn’t publicly agreed to — that spend less on tax incentives and more on areas like health care and state government.

“We’re asking the governor to finish up with us on time,” Gazelka said at a Friday afternoon news conference.

The new Republican budget targets, compared to their previous positions, include increasing:

  • health and human services spending by $246.59 million to a $258.4 million reduction over current levels;
  • E-12 spending by $163.5 million to $467 million;
  • state government spending by $100 million to $40 million;
  • judiciary and public safety spending by $79 million to $164 million over previous proposals;
  • and reducing spending on tax breaks from $1.12 billion to $660 million.

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