Session Daily: Conferees agree to omnibus education finance proposal that defunds voluntary pre-K


Rep. Jenifer Loon (left) and Sen. Carla Nelson sponsored the omnibus education finance bill. Photo by Paul Battaglia, Session Daily

Source: Session Daily

By Nick Longworth

After weeks of debate over the best way to reduce the achievement gap through early learning opportunities, House and Senate conferees agreed on a proposal supporters say would provide increased funding for schools, but opponents warn falls short of intended objectives.

Sponsored by Rep. Jenifer Loon (R-Eden Prairie) and Sen. Carla Nelson (R-Rochester), the omnibus education finance bill (HF 890), is likely to spur contentious negotiations with Gov. Mark Dayton via its proposal to defund voluntary prekindergarten programs across the state. More funding has been a gubernatorial priority this session.

Tuesday, the conference committee adopted a 149-page delete-all amendment that will serve as the basis for the final bill that is to be negotiated with Dayton. No conference committee report was signed.

Read the remainder of this article at Session Daily.

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