MSBA releases statement on special education costs

On Tuesday, the Minnesota House Education Innovation Policy Committee reviewed statewide averages associated with special education costs as well as recommendations for funding adjustments. Over the previous year, costs have risen on average from 2.69 to 3.7 percent depending on the disability category.

In response, MSBA issued the following statement:

“It is time for the Minnesota Legislature and U.S. Congress to pay for a greater share of special education costs. The largest underfunded mandate for Minnesota schools is special education. This persistent underfunding requires local school districts to use general fund revenue to meet requirements. MSBA included this issue on its 2017 Legislative Platform because special education costs continue to place burdens on our school districts by having them look to the general fund or local levies to fund this deficit.”

Visit to see “Minnesota Schools by the Numbers: State and Federal Education Cross-Subsidy” for more information (or see image below).

Also, see related story from Session Daily, “Statewide special education expense averages rise, committee hears,” at


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