Call to Action: Act now to maximize funding for public education


Source: National School Boards Association

Critical decisions regarding federal funding, including funding for public education, will be made this week. With the current funding for federal agencies set to expire on Friday, December 9, Congress must act quickly to pass legislation to ensure continuity in funding and operations of the federal government.

It’s time to speak up to make sure lawmakers maximize investments in key pre-K through 12th grade public education programs, such as Title I grants for disadvantaged students and special education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Why You Should Act Now
Sustained investments and fiscal stability are critical as your school district continues to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), address the needs of children with special needs and advance innovation through career and technical education programs. Without swift passage of a final funding bill, more than 1,000 school districts educating federally connected students, such as those who reside on tribal trust lands and those whose parents/guardians are enlisted in our nation’s armed forces, could lose support through the Impact Aid program, as funding expires this Friday.

For more information, read NSBA’s letter to House and Senate Appropriations Committees on prioritizing FY2017 investments in education.

Please ACT NOW! Contact your senators and representatives and urge support for legislation that:

  • Maximizes funding for key education programs such as Title I and IDEA and avoids further rescissions.
  • Ensures continuity in key education programs through sustained federal investments, including Impact Aid.

ACT NOW to make sure local school board members’ voices are heard!

About mnmsba

The Minnesota School Boards Association, a leading advocate for public education, supports, promotes and strengthens the work of public school boards.
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