Student Discipline Working Group examines suspension/expulsion data


The Student Discipline Working Group met on Tuesday, September 27, at the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) office in Roseville.

The Group had asked MDE for more data, and the meeting began with their presentation. In-school suspensions are reported only for special education students. Of the out-of-school discipline days, expulsions account for nearly 86 percent. Many of the numbers show a downward trend in out-of-school discipline days. The rate of decline is flatter for early grades, although the numbers are still decreasing.

For next steps, the Group asked for identification of school districts that were successfully decreasing their out-of-school discipline to try to identify best practices. The Group was interested in looking for ways to support schools rather than applying additional rules. Hopefully this focus will continue.

The next meeting is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, October 19, in Conference Center A, Room 13 at the MDE office.

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