Minnesota legislators submit proposals for restructuring teacher licensure system


The Legislative Study Group on Educator Licensure met Thursday, September 29, in St. Paul, to hear three proposals to reform the licensing agencies responsible for licensure and create a tiered licensure system.

First, were the proposals to reform the licensing agencies.

  • Senate Republicans recommended creating a joint commission of the Legislature of which the Board of Teaching would be accountable to.
  • Senate Democrats proposed moving all licensure into one entity — the Minnesota Professional Educator Standards Board.
  • House Republicans recommended moving educator licensure to the Minnesota Department of Education.

Next, the Study Group presented three proposals in response to the OLA’s criticism of Minnesota’s teacher licensure process — describing it as confusing and broken. Office of Legislative Auditor suggested a more streamlined approach, and provided a tiered example. All three plans are similar to the OLA’s suggested model.

MSBA’s Denise Dittrich asked that any new approach be simple enough for a board member to guide a potential teacher through the process. Dittrich suggested the current system has contributed to the present teacher shortage and the new system should minimize barriers to getting good teachers in the classrooms. Dittrich said fewer hours spent filling out paperwork and more validity to performance in the classroom would be a step forward.

Visit http://www.lcc.leg.mn/lsgel/meetings.html to view all the proposals from this meeting.

The Study Group indicated they would like to adopt a plan by October 17th.

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The Minnesota School Boards Association, a leading advocate for public education, supports, promotes and strengthens the work of public school boards.
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