14 Days of Advocacy: Support early education flexibility for school districts



It’s Hump Day! If only we could get over the hump to allow school districts the flexibility in implementing and designing school-based early learning programs and have it fully funded! As we continue our 14 Days of Advocacy, we encourage you to share your thoughts with our elected officials. Imagine the impact of 2,000 emails or phone calls. We can make an impact for our earliest learners as well as our eldest.



Picture an early education classroom — energy and ideas abound. Channel that and write an email or make a phone call. Urge your legislators to fully fund the expansion of school-based early education programs. Tell them school boards need flexibility in implementing and designing programs to meet the needs of the local community.

Points to share:

  • School-based programs provide the best opportunities to prepare all children for kindergarten.
  • Local schools are best qualified to design and implement programs that work for their students and community.
  • Other considerations are facilities, staffing and transportation costs.


Visit http://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/faq/faqtoc?id=47 or http://www.mnmsba.org/ContactYourLegislators to contact your local legislators.

About mnmsba

The Minnesota School Boards Association, a leading advocate for public education, supports, promotes and strengthens the work of public school boards.
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