Minnesota politicians are talking about broadband

Source: Blandin Foundation

Note: The following information is courtesy of the Blandin Foundation’s “Blandin Broadband e-News” (September 15). Visit http://blandinfoundation.org to learn more about the Blandin Foundation, whose mission is to strengthen rural Minnesota communities.

Minnesota Policy, Policymakers and Public

Seemingly spurred by conversations started at FarmFest people are talking around the state about broadband and the role of state and local government. Below is a sample of some of the conversations:

  • Senator Klobuchar visits Willmar to hear about precision agriculture’s need for symmetrical broadband, as well as community needs for better broadband and digital inclusion support for potential teleworkers. http://wp.me/p3if7-3d2
  • Senator Franken talks about broadband and telehealth in Brainerd, mentioning new legislation in the works for fall http://wp.me/p3if7-3dJ
  • Representative Paul Marquart calls out urban-rural broadband access divide. http://wp.me/p3if7-3cb
  • Congressman Nolan Introduces New Rural Broadband Initiative Act (H.R. 3152) to lay the foundation for new funding and a coordinated federal strategy to bring better broadband to rural areas. http://wp.me/p3if7-3c6
  • The DFL Caucus met with constituents in Willmar to talk about broadband. Many attendees were disappointed in the 2015 decrease in broadband funds. http://wp.me/p3if7-3cN
  • The DFL Caucus met with constituents in Morris where they got feedback on the Minnesota broadband fund, specifically the difficulty of time constraints and prevailing wage issues. http://wp.me/p3if7-3ch (More details on prevailing wage are provided in a guest post from Paul Bunyan Communications. http://wp.me/p3if7-3cY)
  • METN shares their talking points for legislators on technology for libraries and schools. http://wp.me/p3if7-3dA
  • Various local newspapers have joined the conversation echoing reports already listed above. http://wp.me/p3if7-3cU

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