MSBA looking for additional school board members to serve on the Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly nomination period for school board Delegates has been reopened for MSBA Areas that are currently underrepresented.

Those Areas are Area 3, Area 4, Area 5, Area 6, Area 8, Area 9, Area 11, Area 13, Area 14, Area 20, Area 21, Area 23, Area 24, Area 25, Area 26, Area 28, Area 29 and Area 30.

Please visit to find your MSBA Area (again, look for your Area number — NOT your Director District number).

If your Area is among those listed above, please scroll down below to access the appropriate link to your nomination survey.

These nominations will be open for a limited time. Act fast if you want to be a part of MSBA’s grass-roots action that leads to developing our legislative agenda for the 2016 legislative session in St. Paul!

Visit to learn more about the Delegate Assembly.







AREA 11:

AREA 13:

AREA 14:

AREA 20:

AREA 21:

AREA 23:

AREA 24:

AREA 25:

AREA 26:

AREA 28:

AREA 29:

AREA 30:

About mnmsba

The Minnesota School Boards Association, a leading advocate for public education, supports, promotes and strengthens the work of public school boards.
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