MSBA’s Top 10 — No. 6: Financial help for ALL districts to use for maintenance, repairs on buildings

MSBA continues its Top 10 list of items we think will have the biggest impact on schools. Running Monday through Friday for the next couple of weeks — we’ll fill you in on our Top 10. And if anyone wants the entire analysis, just click on the MSBA Legislative Summary link below.

No. 6: Financial help for ALL districts to use for maintenance & repairs on buildings

In the past, only the top 25 largest districts had access to long-term facilities maintenance revenue. A new law this year expands that help to ALL school districts that have a 10-year facilities maintenance plan approved by the commissioner. Some facts about the revenue:

  • It repeals the alternative facilities program, deferred maintenance revenue and the health and safety levy and rolls it into one flexible fund for districts to use on maintenance items.
  • Specific equity adjustments will be offered for districts with more than 50 percent agricultural land.
  • Money for the Long-Term Facilities Maintenance Revenue is a board approved  levy or bond or combination of both (up to a specific amount). Charter schools and intermediate districts are included.

See all of the details in MSBA’s 2015  Legislative Summary. Take a look at page 4.

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