MSBA’s Legislative Top 10 — No. 7: Help for teacher shortages & ag education

MSBA continues its Top 10 list of items we think will have the biggest impact on schools. Starting this week — and running Monday through Friday for the next couple of weeks — we’ll fill you in on our Top 10. And if anyone wants the entire analysis, just click on the MSBA Legislative Summary link below.

No. 7: Help for teacher shortages and ag education

Here are just a few of the laws passed aimed to help ease teacher shortages:

  • Establishes a new teacher loan forgiveness program for adding a licensure field in a shortage area. Loans are forgiven for up to five years.
  • Creates a licensure program for teachers pursuing agricultural education.
  • Creates a pilot program to give prospective teachers a year-long student teaching experience.

See all of the teacher preparation laws in the higher education bill. You can learn all about them in MSBA’s 2015  Legislative Summary. Take a look at page 13.

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