Education Conference Committee Reports moves through the House and the Senate. Next stop is the Governor’s desk.

Education Conference Committee Report moves through the House and the Senate.  Next stop is the  Governor’s desk.

After a 3 hour discussion on the E-12 Education Funding and Policy Conference Committee Report, finally at 4:00am Monday morning, House approved the bill on a party line vote. The discussion was centered around the inadequacy of the bill as it does not include Governor’s universal preK proposal and enough money on the formula considering the State’s $2 billion surplus.

Seven hours later, the Senate approved the Conference Committee Report on a 52 to 14 vote. The bill received strong bipartisan support, with compliments to the conferees on a good compromise.  Many Senators rose to make a public plea to the Governor to sign the bill.

The Governor continues to threaten to veto the education bill since it doesn’t contain his universal preK proposal. However, it is important to note that the Conference Committee Report does heavily invests in the early education by increasing school readiness funding ($30m) and early learning scholarships ($30) over the biennium.

MSBA is watching the Governor’s website to learn what he does when the education bill does land on his desk.  Here is the link to the legislative log that will post the Governor’s action.  Join us in watching.

Governor’s Legislative Tracker:

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