Tell the Education Conference Committee WHY increasing funding formula is important

The Education Finance Conference Committee held its third meeting on the Omnibus Education Finance Bill (HF 844) on Thursday. Visit to view documents related to this bill. Chair Rep. Jenifer Loon asked for testimony on two topics that are important to the House — early learning scholarships and extended time revenue (which could change to “extended support revenue”). The Conference Committee will not be meeting today (May 8) or Saturday (May 9) unless they receive their spending target. Please continue to contact the conferees and urge them to support a 3 percent increase on the basic education funding formula.  Please tell the conferees WHY increasing the funding formula is important to your district. For example, WITHOUT adequate funding to the formula, school boards won’t be able to maintain education opportunities for students by dropping programs, increasing class sizes and cutting teachers. Tell the conferees WHY the funding formula matters to your students. Let them know about the negative consequences that would ensure if schools are underfunded during this legislative session for the next biennium. Please click on the links below to access the conferees’ contact information. House Conferees

Senate Conferees

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