Education Omnibus Conference Committee meeting TODAY; urge conferees to increase education funding

The Education Omnibus Conference Committee is scheduled to meet from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. today (Tuesday, May 5) at the State Capitol Building (Room 112).

The committee will begin discussions of the Omnibus Education Bill (HF 844).

Please contact the conferees listed below and urge them to add a 3 percent increase on the general education funding formula. Your voice matters!

House Conferees

Senate Conferees

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The Minnesota School Boards Association, a leading advocate for public education, supports, promotes and strengthens the work of public school boards.
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1 Response to Education Omnibus Conference Committee meeting TODAY; urge conferees to increase education funding

  1. Tamie Rue says:

    Dear Senator/Representative,

    After making reductions of $180,000 in the previous year, the Fosston School Board was again prepared to make further reductions of about the same amount in 2014-15. In November of 2013 the residents of the Fosston School District voted to increase our local levy to $1,160 per pupil unit to curtail excessive deficit spending and maintain programs. Thanks to this local support we were able to stave off additional elimination of programs. After a decade of state deficits, continual underfunding of schools, and numerous local levy increases, schools were optimistic that a projected State surplus of $1.9 billion would finally result in adequate State funding for our children. The current proposals from the House of Representatives and the Senate do not even cover the inflation rate, much less the additional expenses associated with continual State and Federal mandates. Our local constituents have stood up for education, now is the time for the legislature to do the same.

    Please support 3% and 3% on the formula for the upcoming biennium. IF NOT NOW, WHEN?


    Tamie Rue

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