School board member’s letter to the editor calls for increased education spending

Please see the letter to the editor below from Spring Lake Park School Board Member Marilynn Forsberg. This letter ran in the April 28 edition of the Star Tribune. Use this letter as a guide as you contact legislators and your local media.

Increase needs to be at least 3 percent just to keep status quo

I applaud the Star Tribune Editorial Board’s support of increased spending for preK-12 education (“A budget plan to aid all of state’s students,” April 24). However, a 1-percent-per-year increase in the general per-pupil education formula presents difficult choices for school districts. Based on a 170-day school year, the House proposal is equal to about 19 cents per student per day. The Senate and governor’s proposal equals about 34 cents per student per day.

Is this how we value our children and our future? A 3 percent increase would equal approximately $1 per student per day. Less than that allows no funding for inflation and will result in teacher layoffs as well as other reductions in many districts. The formula needs funding at 3 percent or greater to maintain our class sizes and retain Minnesota jobs.

Marilynn Forsberg, Spring Lake Park

The writer is a member of the Spring Lake Park School Board.

Source: Star Tribune

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