Additional funding needed for Internet connectivity, technology equipment in our schools

Internet access and technology was a common theme at the MSBA Delegate Assembly on Saturday, December 6. More than 90 percent of school board member delegates voted in support of the resolution to establish categorical funding mechanism to assist school districts with the increasing costs of internet connectivity and of technology equipment.

Schools are dependent on technology to deliver basic education services including standardized testing, access to research using the Web, digital textbooks, communication with parents and students, and multimedia curriculum and presentations.

The costs to properly connect our school buildings and properly equip them with the necessary tools to provide quality learning for all are consuming a larger portion of school district budgets today than at any other time in history. More school districts are seeking referendums specifically to invest in technology for their students. The costs of connectivity are widely varying depending upon the location of the school district within the state.

MSBA believes that to provide an equitable and adequate education today and in the future; students need to have equal access to learning through technology. A uniform, equitable funding stream in this area would be a tremendous first step. We will advocate for all students to have technology tools and Internet connectivity in order to be prepared to achieve their career and college goals and dreams.

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The Minnesota School Boards Association, a leading advocate for public education, supports, promotes and strengthens the work of public school boards.
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