School Board members want border-to-border high-speed Internet access for all Minnesotans

At the MSBA Delegate Assembly, school board members sent a strong message to the Legislature in support of border-to-border high-speed internet access for all Minnesotans.

High-speed Internet service in our schools is a necessity in providing equal access to new learning opportunities and rigorous coursework, improved delivery of special education services, closing the achievement gap and engaging the next generation of “digital natives” and their families. Teachers and school staff also need enhanced technology and Internet connectivity to meet the expectations required for online testing and meeting their technology goals as required and approved by the Department of Education to access telecommunications and E-rate funding.

Without technology innovation in our schools, we are marginalizing our students who will not prepared to be participants in the 21st century workforce. The digital divide between haves and have-nots continues in Minnesota. High-speed Internet service is the foundation to eliminating the divide.

MSBA believes that high-speed connectivity is the foundation for preparing students and communities for success in a competitive global economy. Without high-speed Internet service to the child’s home and school, there is an “opportunity gap” for low-income students and those without adequate access. We are pleased the Delegate Assembly saw the wisdom of equity and access for all Minnesota students.

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The Minnesota School Boards Association, a leading advocate for public education, supports, promotes and strengthens the work of public school boards.
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