Delegate Assembly’s strong message to Legislators: Increase the Basic Education Funding Formula!

By Denise Dittrich, MSBA Associate Director of Government Relations School boards members attending the MSBA Delegate Assembly Saturday, December 6, overwhelmingly voted to urge the Legislature to increase the General Education Formula by a minimum of $300 per pupil unit for both years of the 2015-16 biennium. Why? • The basic funding formula revenue is the primary source of funding every district, every child in our state. • This basic education funding formula has not kept up with inflation. • Inflation is a real cost in terms of education finance. • When inflation is not funded, school districts must make reductions such as teacher layoffs and increasing class size. • Inflationary increases in funding are necessary to adequately fund programs for students. The basic funding formula is the revenue all of our school districts depend on to provide educational services to our students — this is our constitutional obligation. While the Legislature did provide new revenue to our school in the previous two years, the basic formula still lags behind inflation. This resolution addresses the “inflation gap.” We are thrilled the MSBA Delegates saw the wisdom in providing inflationary increases to the basic formula. This position will be the main focus of our efforts this legislative session. This is the fairest way to distribute revenue to support our public schools.

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The Minnesota School Boards Association, a leading advocate for public education, supports, promotes and strengthens the work of public school boards.
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