Electronic Roster Task Force releases final report

The state Electronic Roster Task Force recently released its final report. Please click here to view the Electronic Roster Task Force report.

The Electronic Roster Task Force was created by the 2013 Legislature to research the following issues:

  1. electronic roster technology, including different types of electronic rosters;
  2. the ability to use photographs received from the Department of Vehicle Services;
  3. the ability to add photographs to the roster on election day;
  4. data security in electronic rosters, the statewide voter registration system, and the  Department of Vehicle Services;
  5. reliability of Department of Vehicle Services data, including the ability to match names and photographs without duplication;
  6. ability of precincts across the state to connect an electronic roster to a secure network to access the statewide voter registration system; and
  7. direct and indirect costs associated with using electronic rosters.


On the federal level, the Presidential Commission on Election Administration also released a report of its own.

Click here to view the Presidential Election Commission report.

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